Is Your Current Home Feeling A Little Tight Lately?

What once may have been the perfect-sized home may no longer be a right fit for your family. However, simply picking up and moving may not be the best choice, whether it is for financial reasons or because you simply love the location. A home addition, on the other hand, provides a much more cost-efficient solution and enables you to avoid the hassle of finding a new home.

Building Up vs. Building Out

Whether you want to build up or build out, we will work with you to assess available spaces and determine which type of addition would best suit your needs and budget. Building out is the most common type of addition as it typically involves expanding the ground-floor level of the structure. This type of addition is advantageous as it calls for the least amount of disruption, though compliance with zoning laws and loss of yardage may be disadvantages depending on where you live and the size of your land.

Pros & Cons of Building Up

Building up offsets the disadvantages of building out as you will not lose any yard space and you will avoid running into zoning restrictions concerning setbacks or floor-area-ratio limits. However, when building up, it is important to consider the maximum allowable height in your town and the fact that this type of construction will have more of an impact on the rest of the home.

What type of home addition you need will also depend on what the purpose of the new space will be. We will ensure that the finished product has the style you detailing you envisioned, whether that is a seamless transition from the rest of the home or a unique focal point. Adding a home addition can increase your home value and maximize your home’s usefulness to your family and we know how important it is to get it done right. We are committed to making sure that a home addition completed by Stellar Masonry leaves you 100% satisfied.